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Baby Kiwi's BIG DAY OUT

In April, after practicing her training all winter, Baby Kiwi went to Dutchy Agricultural College in Cornwall to take part in the
Parelli Games Day.


She had never been on such a long journey in the horsebox before so we took 'Uncle' Noah along too as he is used to travelling.

They both travelled safely and we arrived on time.

Here they are 'kissing' in a quiet moment while waiting.  There were about 20 horses who all took it in turns to do things. Kiwi and Noah were the only donkeys !


First we all had to go in and out of some cones - Kiwi did it well. Then we had to do it going backwards ! Kiwi did two cones then got bored so she ran out of time as she was very slow. Then we had to do some Circling Game - well Kiwi doesn't do that yet - but we did have a try.  

Then we had to walk over a tarpaulin but Kiwi said she needed more time to look at it because it was bigger than hers !

Then there were 3 riding games but Kiwi, at 2 1/2 years old, is too young to be ridden - but we did have a go on the lead, just for fun. She had a good look at the jumps as she had never seen those before.

Then it was time for everyone to do a 'Savvy Spotlight'.
Everyone had to do a little show so that the audience could see what we had been doing with our horses at home using the Parelli Seven Games that horses play on each other.

Game 1 is the
Friendly Game
Kiwi and Noah are getting a very important rub and a ponynut for doing well.

Noah isn't scared of tarpaulins !

Here is some
Driving Game.
Kiwi has to do things without being touched.
She sniffs the pole to make sure it's safe then walks over it - and obediently turns round afterwards.

Bart was filming so he couldn't hold on to Noah - so Noah followed us around all the time ! 


Kiwi played Friendly Game with the barrel - she'd never seen one of those before either.

Then she did a good
Squeeze Game
between the barrel and the wall.

Kiwi did some Yo-Yo Game, going backwards and forwards.

She played Friendly Game with the beach ball and gave it a good push.

The beach ball is her favourite new toy.

(roll your mouse over the picture.)

......... Then, after a few good looks, she walked over the tarpaulin !!


We even had a try at the Circling Game.

The animation makes it look really good..........


.....but we have to admit she only did 3/4 of a circle really.

That's more than she's ever done before !

We got applause for that too !

We did some Sideways Game.

(roll your mouse over the picture)


And at the end she stood on her pedestal.

Usually she stays there because she thinks its fun but this time she got off straight away. Ah well, maybe she was tired by then .

After that we took the donkeys back to the horsebox to eat hay for a bit while we watched all the horses doing their Spotlights.

Kiwi was given a lovely blue rosette and a sheet of comments and tips.

We all had a lovely day out and a big adventure. We are looking forward to going to the next Games day in December.

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